Norwegian wolves in danger of being extinct.

The Norwegian authorities have signed the Bern Convention committing Norway to protect all endangered species.
On the new redlist the wolf is listed as critically threatened after criterium D1 which means an extremely small population.
Despite these facts, the Norwegian minister of the environment Helen Bjørnøy allows wolf hunting claiming that the animals that are shoot to be vermin not to violate the convention.
The Norwegian wolf population is not sustainable and any growth in the population is always ”taken out” as vermin by the authorities. This makes the wolf population in danger of inbreeding according to scientists.
To make the case even worse; lynx, bear and wolverine are not protected properly too in Norway. Any licensed hunter kan shoot lynx in the hunting season and scientists warn of inbreeding in the lynx population as well.
With the blessing of the Norwegian minister of the environment, wolverine cubs are being dug out of their dens and killed.
In Norway a bear is worth around five sheep meaning that if a bear kills five sheep a hunting party is organised to kill the bear.
This makes the situation for the Norwegian predators critical, and is another defeat for the environmental issues in the so called red/green Norwegian government, See the Green Warriors of Norway’s website:

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